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The Award Winning DVD

Harriet Tubman: The Story


Harriet Tubman: Meet The Woman


DVD Video

"This segment - The Story" 


Experience The Journey

A G.E.M. Productions Presentation

A powerful story of the woman known as Moses.  Adapted

 from the live stage production "Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One" by 

Gwendolyn Briley-StrandJoin Ms. Tubman as she takes her passengers to freedom

on the Underground Railroad.  This documentary highlights the rich experiences 

of this phenomenal woman who assisted many enslaved people on their life

threatening journey from slavery to freedom over a 10 year period.


Winner of the 2003 ITVA-DC Peer  "Independent Short" Award 


Staring:                             Gwendolyn Briley-Strand

Executive Producer:      Henry A. Montez

Producer:                         See The Fruits, Inc.

Director:                            Henry A. Montez

Senior Editor:                  David Nelson

Original Artwork:            Andre Wilborn

Piano:                                Bruce Lansdowne

Piano:                                Derrick Anderson

Solo:                                  George Stephens

$ 15.00

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