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The Time To Live Is Now Acting Coach Day Of Discovery  
House Of Cards Head of Teachers Union Media Rights Capitol  
Marian Anderson: A Song Of Digity And Grace Narration Day Of Discovery  
A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Harriet Tubman Day Of Discovery  
MY ONE AND ONLY Bernice Runaway Home Production  
A DIRTY SHAME Neuter Neighbor John Waters, Production  
LINE OF FIRE FBI Agent (Stunt) Touchtone Productions/Disney  
THE CORNER Store Manager ( Part 6 ) HBO Productions  
SPECIES 2  Brea (Biologist 1) MGM Pictures Inc  
ATIF'S JOURNEY  * Mrs. Parker PBS-TV  
SERIAL MOM  Mrs. Taploter John Waters, Production  
HOMICIDE NBC Television  
Episode 18: "Requiem For Adena" Mrs. Watson Executive Producer, Barry Levison  
Episode 5: "A Shot In The Dark" Mrs. Watson Executive Producer, Barry Levison  
Episode 2: "A Ghost of A Chance" Mrs. Watson Executive Producer, Barry Levison  
RESCUE911  Mother CBS Television  
BROADCAST NEWS  Reporter 20th Century Fox  
THE CHOSEN ONE      Harriet Tubman   National Tour    
by Gwendolyn Briley-Strand                 
SUCH A TIME      Rosa Parks     National Tour    
by Gwendolyn Briley-Strand                 
WEDDING BAND      LULA     Round House Theatre    
by Alice Childress            Silver Spring, MD    
HALCYON DAYS     Ruby     T.F.A. (Theatre of First Admendment)  
by Steven Dietz            Fairfax, VA      
ILLEGAL MOTION     Alicia Driver     Olney Theatre    
by Bernie Defeo            Olney, MD      
TINTYPES       Susannah      Round House Theatre     
by Mary Kyte            Silver Spring, MD    
ELEKTRA       Chorus      Round House Theatre     
by Sophokles            Silver Spring, MD    
A WOMAN CALLED TRUTH   Sojourner Truth    Discovery Theatre     
by Sandra Fenichel Asher          Smithsonian Institute     
THE DAY ROOM      Nurse Baker / Jolene    The Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co.  
by Don Delillo            Washington,  DC    
CEREMONIES IN DARK OLD MEN   Adel      Hudson Guild Theatre    
by Lonne Elder III            New York City, NY     
TRANSFIGURATIONS IN PRECINCT 12 Dr. Cory      The Kennedy Center     
by Leslie Stevens            Washington DC    
GEICO - (National)     Coca Cola - (National)   NAACP Voting - (National)  
P.S.A - Colon Cancer - (National)   U.S.D.A. - ( National)    MTV - Televison    
P.S.A.- Substance and Child Abuse (National)  FEMA     The World Cup - ESPN (National)  
HELIX       Iverson Mall    AMTRAK      
DC Lottery       1199 SEIU     AFSCME      
A.A.R.P.        American Banking Association  Safeway       
Dept of US Corrections      Red Cross      Social Security Administration   
I.R.S.        Veterans Administration   Marriott Corporation     
U.S. Post Office     U.S.D.A.      M.S.A.P. Maryland Public T.V.  
National Institute of Health   National Geographic   United Way      
U.S. Navy       U.S. Savings Bonds   Blue Cross Blue Shield    
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